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Int. Commercial Law

The steady process of globalization in the world economy also places large demands on the legal profession to solve commercial law issues as best possible. Sound knowledge of internationally unified trade law and internationally unified company law, accompanied by conflict of laws and the law of civil procedure and of arbitration procedure, is essential. 

Our firm addresses the growing demands of globalization with consistent training and specialization, as well as by integrating legal disciplines. We are thus always in a position to provide profession support for our clients' desire to grow abroad and to ensure that economic success does not fail due to a lack in the contractual conception or because the specific characteristics of the respective tax law were not taken into account. In doing so, the preparation of international licensing and cooperation agreements is just as much a focus of our international activities as is providing counsel within the scope of an international due diligence review. 

Furthermore, we now advise a variety of companies abroad in Europe with regard to their economic activity in Germany. We consider giving such advice in English just as self-evident as the drafting of a cooperation agreement in French. 

Competent and comprehensive advice and providing support within the framework of an international transaction to avoid risks are a matter of course, as are extensive assistance and representation in a legal dispute with an international dimension.

With years of experience, we also offer our clients advice flanked by competition law, patent law, trademark law, and design law on a European and international level. 

Contact: Dr. iur. Mathias Fleischmann