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Int. Inheritance Law

International inheritance law places special demands on legal counselling. This is because there are extremely important points of contact, such as between international inheritance law and international company law. In-depth knowledge is required, for example, to what extent Dutch succession laws or French company law applies. Depending on whether movable or immovable property is located abroad, whether the last domicile or the habitual or simple residence of the testator was located abroad, whether a foreign national lives and dies in Germany, or whether cash and securities exist, issues of international delimitation and jurisdiction arise. 

With years of experience and specialization in the field of international inheritance law, we ensure as part of interdisciplinary consulting that, when creating a will (for example), the respective intent of the testator is also implemented in a formally correct manner. 

Our service encompasses, in particular, dealing with an inheritance matter with European and/or international dimension, including the interrelated areas of company law, the law on matrimonial property regimes, statutory pension schemes, or maintenance law, for example.

The legally compliant and formally valid drafting of a will in English, as well as the review of compulsory portion claims under French succession laws, are just as natural for us as is providing advice with regard to anticipated inheritance provisions with an international dimension. In this case, for example, we ensure that a company later to be inherited, which has branch offices abroad, transfers to the heirs optimized under tax law, taking into account the respective international specifics, and continues to exist as a whole.

Contact: Oliver Schuster